Carolina Milhorance (CIRAD) et Éric Sabourin (CIRAD) cosignent ce chapitre "Policy transfer research in the rural sector" paru dans l'ouvrage "Handbook of Policy Transfer, Diffusion and Circulation"


This chapter summarises the main theoretical and empirical contributions of policy transfer and diffusion studies in the rural sector. Drawing on recent studies developed in European, Latin American and African countries, this work provides an outlook regarding transfer agents, mechanisms,

processes, and their effects on food security, territorial development, and agricultural and land policies. This analysis follows a cross-cutting approach as it sheds light on the dynamics of north-south, south-south, and south-north policy transfers. It will focus on four main issues: i) the role of civil society organisations and development cooperation on the transfer of family farming policy instruments and paradigms in Africa and Latin America; ii) the process of knowledge framing and diffusion through a diversified range of international organisations and multilateral forums; iii) the particularities of north-south and south-south transfers of rural policy instruments in Africa and Latin America; and iv) examples of south-north transfers and future research agendas in the field.

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Published in print: 23 Mar 2021

ISBN: 9781789905595

eISBN: 9781789905601


Pages: 488


Sabourin, E., & Milhorance, C. (2021). "Policy transfer research in the rural sector". In Handbook of Policy Transfer, Diffusion and Circulation. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. doi:

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