Pauline Lectard (MCF, Université Montpellier) a publié un chapitre intitulé "Sustainable Structural Change in the Context of Global Value Chains"dans l'ouvrage édité par Célestin Monga et Justin Yifu Lin, sorti en février 2019, "Oxford Handbook of structural transformation".

Over the last fifteen years, structural transformation has almost exclusively been analysed through exports diversification and sophistication. While pioneering theories on development economics analyze the transformation of the productive structure, contemporaneous ones focuses on the transformation of the export basket.

However, the international fragmentation of production makes this export-based approach problematic. Indeed, with global integration there is a change from “trade in good” to “trade in task”. In this “trade in task” economy there may be a gap between factor content of export and countries factor endowments. The export may be capital- and technology-intensive while the task does not. If so, exports modernization may only be an illusion. The global context therefore implies new challenges for the study of structural transformation; we describe them in the article. We also revise the operational definition of structural transformation in order to be suitable to the global economic context. We develop the idea of a sustainablestructural transformation that consists in a process of export diversification and sophistication (the two traditional dimensions) arising from capabilities accumulation and being sustainable over time. 

JEL code O33; O10, O25; F10

Published: 14 February 2019, 752 Pages , 246x171mm 

ISBN: 9780198793847

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