David B. Brooks, Julie Trottier (CNRS), Giulia Giordano cosignent l'ouvrage Transboundary Water Issues in Israel, Palestine, and the Jordan River Basin paru ce mois d'octobre 2019.

This book highlights the search for permanent freshwater agreements between Israel, Palestine, and the western portions of Jordan, and underscores the benefits of shared water management among the three countries.  Throughout the book, efforts are made to share transboundary water in ways that are simultaneously physically feasible, ecologically sustainable, and socially equitable. 

Thanks to the Peace Treaty between Israel and Jordan, the management of shared water resources has been working well, though future relationships are uncertain at present. However, the current arrangements for Israel and Palestine are, at best, inadequate and, in some cases, counterproductive. In closing, the book argues that trilateral agreements on water can and should be concluded now, before seeking to resolve the full range of issues that remain uncertain in a Final Status Agreement between Israel and Palestine. 

 Retrouvez l'ouvrage en ligne : https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-15-0252-1

David Brooks, Julie Trottier et Giulia Giordano (2019) Transboundary Water Issues in Israel, Palestine, and the Jordan River Basin: an Overview, Singapore: Springer 

Print ISBN : 978-981-15-0251-4

Online ISBN : 978-981-15-0252-1

ISSN : 2196-7849



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