Marie de Lattre-Gasquet, Frédéric Lançon, Waard Anseeuw (CIRAD) signent chacun un chapitre dans cet ouvrage paru récemment.


Ten years after the IAASTD report - still business as usual? A new book takes stock

More than a decade has passed since the world was awoken by the publication of the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) report.

Now, a new book takes stock of what has been achieved since the release of that ground-breaking “Agriculture at a Crossroads” report. Co-publishers Benny Haerlin and Hans R. Herren use empirical evidence and rational argument to sharply criticise the current dominating food systems whilst simultaneously providing evidence that a real paradigm shift has emerged and that change is happening all over the globe.

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Les derniers dépôts dans HAL-SHS

15 avril 2024