Nicolas Bédu (Université Montpellier), Viola Lamani (Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3) et Maxence Miéra cosignent cet article "How asset transformation matters for the fate of technology-led banks?" paru dans Economics Bulletin, volume 44, issue 1.

This paper examines the efficiency of technology-led banks (i.e. internet banks, mobile banks or FinTech startups offering banking services) in a simple theoretical model using conventional banks as a competitive benchmark.

We show that the fate of technology-led banks crucially relies on their level of asset transformation. We identify two critical thresholds of asset transformation in a general contractual setting. The first determines whether technology-led
banks are feasible to set up, while the second determines when technology-led banks are at least as attractive as conventional banks.

Maxence Miéra and Nicolas Bédu and Viola Lamani, (2024) ''How asset transformation matters for the fate of technology-led
banks?'', Economics Bulletin, Volume 44, Issue 1, pages 74-87


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22 juin 2024